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Headliner Replacement

Is your Headliner Sagging or Torn?


Many try to repair sagging headliners with glues, pins, etc.. These are only temporary fixes that sometimes cost almost as much as just doing it correctly in the first place. The headliner will continue to sag because the foam layer between the fabric and headliner board is dryed out. This is caused by constant heat on the roof of the vehicle. The truth is when a headliner starts sagging it must be replaced.


How We Fix It...


First we remove all visors, lighting, roof consoles, grab handles and trim that hold the headliner in place. Once the headliner is out of the vehicle, the fabric, foam and glue is removed from the headliner backing board. Once the backing board is thoroughly cleaned, we apply adhesive and install the new headliner fabric. Once the adhesive is cured, the headliner is reinstalled.

Why Does the Car Roof Tile Sagging?


   The vehicle headliner is a low-weight fabric laminated with sponge. The ceiling tile actually consists of three layers. At the bottom is a cardboard-like structure that provides insulation. This structure gives the ceiling tile its shape. The two main uses of the building are to provide sound and heat insulation. This material has a sponge structure on it. The sponge is adhered to the insulation material. It ensures proper adhesion of the sponge fabric and a soft touch feeling. Finally, the fabric is glued to this sponge.

               The main reason for the sagging problem is the decay of the sponge structure due to environmental factors. When the sponge layer rots, it can no longer hold on to the insulation material and the ceiling fabric sags. Typically, ceiling tiles sag within 7 to 10 years. As a result of a correct operation, the new ceiling tile can be used for the same period.

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